Day Care Center

Home Day Care Center

In our fast-paced urban set up, the family structure is rapidly changing with increase in nuclear families where both parents join the workforce. The need for high quality child care becomes a priority for urban parents. Recognising these urgent needs of young parents, RAINBOW has designed an exclusive Day Care Program where our expert care providers create a warm, family environment where your child is observed, encouraged and supported, thereby ensuring you a stress free time at work.


* Separate Dining Area.
* Separate Study Area.
* Separate Play Area.
* Separate sleeping area with colourful bunk beds for kids.
* Fully Air-Contioned.
* Meal provided in day-care centre.
* Generator Back-up.
* Day-care Timings : 8:30am to 7:30pm.
* Age: – 2yrs to 10yrs.
* Access to wide range of Puzzles, Books & Toys.

Unique Features:

* Recreational Room for Dance, Music, Yoga, Indoor games, Fun orientated Activities & Lots more.
* CCTV cameras access to Day-care parents.