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Games and fun, child went to preschool .

Ideal for 1.5-2.5 years old children – learning introduced with fun activities like puppet shows, play, & colours.

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Take care of child, goal of preschool tribe

From health and safety; to a ready-for-school curriculum; to the full support of qualified instructors, we’ve developed our programme to give you total confidence in all elements of your child’s experience. Furthermore, our approach is centred on what experts believe would best prepare kids for kindergarten and all the major milestones to come.

Practices for safety, security, and cleanliness that adhere to or exceed all applicable local, state, and national guidelines.

  • General Science

    For children to gain general knowledge & develop Interest in Science.

  • Music

    To encourage talent in this art form & to let children excel in extra-curricular activities as well other than academics.

  • Outdoor Activities

    To encourage Fitness & develop sportsmanship in children. 

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To develop the capacity to come up with and create new innovations, artistic creations, unique solutions or ideas based on creative, novel, or unusual approaches.


Interest helps us learn anything quickly, that is why we focus on finding & building a child’s interest so that they excel in everything they do.
Fun Environment

Fun Enviroment

Fun Environment to engage children’s minds in the learning process and connect with them so that they feel free & secure both physically & mentally.


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