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Rainy Season Activities for Kindergarten: Best Practices for Keeping Kids Active Indoors Rainy days often pose a unique challenge for parents and

Sports day is a vibrant and exhilarating highlight for kindergarten students, filled with opportunities for physical activities and essential life skill development.

In the fast-evolving world of education, staying informed about the latest trends in early childhood education is crucial for parents who aspire

Summer is a time for ice cream, sunny days at the beach, and endless fun. However, it’s also a golden opportunity to

Encouraging children to engage in physical activities that bolster mental and physical health is vital in our fast-paced world. Yoga, with its

In education, the synergy between parents and teachers plays a pivotal role in shaping the holistic development of students. Parent-teacher communication is

In a world where ensuring a child’s safety and well-being is paramount, teaching them about personal boundaries is a crucial aspect of

As the frost of winter melts away, unveiling the fertile promise of spring, it’s the perfect time to introduce the youngest members

The preschool phase, spanning the ages of 3 to 5, is a pivotal period in a child’s development. It’s when they begin

The early years of a child’s life are critical for developing a foundation for lifelong learning and success. Preschoolers are naturally curious

Listening is an essential skill that children need to develop from a young age. It is the foundation for effective communication, social

Did you know? Research shows that 90% of the brain develops before the age of 5. This is an important fact to

Rainbow Preschool International was awarded “The Most Promising Preschool Chain of the year (Maharashtra)” at Pride of Bharat Awards, 2021 by Trade

We are honored to have won 1st position in Cleanest School (Thane) Award by Thane Municipal Corporation, for both Rainbow International School

Rainbow wins 2 categories at the 15th World Education Summit in Mumbai! We are honored to have won awards in the following

Vocabulary building is similar to using building blocks to create a strong structure. You always start with the base which has to

The Brain System Children do not have a fully developed brain like that of adults. This child-like brain doesn’t follow the logic

Is it a tough task to get your child out of the bed and into the school bus? Don’t worry too much

Obesity restricts movement and impacts one’s mind, besides having severe health implications. Unfortunately, children are inclined towards indoor gaming (read video games).

The world is a mad place – as parents see it. They like to raise confident children who can battle it all. 

You like seeing baby selfies on smartphones but don’t quite like 3-year-olds chasing monsters in gadgets at a time when they should

General knowledge is not a tough subject and can be started early. Pre-school is where children learn about themselves and the environment. 

Playing with children helps strengthen the bonding among family members. Often, the parents are at a loss when it comes to figuring

So, your child’s preschool promises good care and optimum attention, which are pretty much all you wanted. But children are gullible and

Right from strangers to bad dreams, children can be scared of anything and everything. Most parents feel helpless when they see their

Food is what nourishes us. And eating together nourishes relationships. Yet, eating time can become extremely stressful for parents and children. Because

Ever thought of bringing kids to a gastronomic experience? You’d be surprised to know how cooking can entertain children and improve their

Many parents think about whether their children are growing properly at the right age. Here are 45 signs you can look for

The first mark your child makes on paper is a great surprise. Interesting and visually appealing things excite children who then want

The word “phonics” sounds scary to most parents. It sounds like a complicated subject in itself. Almost similar to “phonetics” which is

Teaching children is all about coming up with new and interesting ideas so that children enjoy learning. But teaching certain concepts like

So your child keeps talking about that mermaid and her father deep into the sea, right? This is a good sign as

Books are truly a man’s most loyal friend. Reading is also the best medium to increase one’s knowledge. An ardent reader has

When choosing a school for higher grades, parents look for many things: academic board, style of teaching, the choice of subjects, student-teacher

What all do you need to have an interactive classroom? A skilled teacher and a favourite subject used to be the answer

Toddlers are an unpredictable lot. You don’t know what is going in their minds from the start as they struggle to mix

Children love messing things up and love being messy too. While it’s cute, overlooking hygiene for too long can do more harm

Rainbow Preschools conducted a Social campaign “Be a Secret Santa” for the underprivileged children for this Christmas to bring a smile on

On the Eve of 13th October 2018, the Dandiya Night celebration was held at Rainbow International school. The event began with the

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that we were awarded “Excellence in Preschool Education” and “Excellence in CBSE Education” in Thane by India Today on Saturday,7th

We were featured in the list of TOP 10 Promising Pre-School & Daycare Services in Mumbai – 2017 by SILICONINDIA! Look at the detailed coverage in

It gives us a great sense of pride that Rainbow Preschools and Rainbow International School have been awarded ‘The Best Preschool and

Yet another Milestone achieved by Rainbow Preschool International.It’s a Proud moment for Rainbow Preschools to get featured in “The 10 Best Preschools

We were Ranked #1 for “Co-curricular Activity” amongst top Preschools in India at “India School Merit Award 2018-19”. The award was presented

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