6 Simple Tips for Improving Listening Skills in Preschoolers

Listening is an essential skill that children need to develop from a young age. It is the foundation for effective communication, social interaction, and academic success. Children who are good listeners are more likely to be successful in school, develop stronger relationships, and have higher self-esteem. Here are some tips to help parents boost their […]

Why Preschool Education is Good for Toddlers – 7 Amazing Benefits

Did you know? Research shows that 90% of the brain develops before the age of 5. This is an important fact to consider for your child’s early education. Babies are born ready to learn, as they adapt to their surroundings and learn basic skills from their caregivers & family. The added help from well-trained & […]

The Most Promising Preschool Chain of the year (Maharashtra)

Rainbow Preschool International was awarded “The Most Promising Preschool Chain of the year (Maharashtra)” at Pride of Bharat Awards, 2021 by Trade & Media Group Delhi. Along with this, Rainbow International School was awarded “The Leading School of the Year (Thane)”. On behalf of the schools, Mrs. Vimlesh Sindhu (Director of Academics, RIS) & Mrs. […]

Rainbow Family Wins Cleanest School, Thane

We are honored to have won 1st position in Cleanest School (Thane) Award by Thane Municipal Corporation, for both Rainbow International School & Rainbow Preschools, after a thorough inspection of our centers. We would like to take a moment to appreciate our excellent housekeeping staff for their dedication and hard work towards maintaining spotless premises. […]

Rainbow Wins Award For Innovation & Technology

Rainbow wins 2 categories at the 15th World Education Summit in Mumbai! We are honored to have won awards in the following categories: 1) Innovation in Campus Infrastructure – Rainbow International School2) Profound Technology usage in Early Childhood Teaching – Rainbow Preschool International

How to expand your children’s vocabulary?

Vocabulary building is similar to using building blocks to create a strong structure. You always start with the base which has to be the strongest to carry structures over it. Similarly, vocabulary development for a preschooler is a gradual process involving interpretation of a word by simply hearing it. Let’s understand how words influence the […]

What Makes Children Forget Their Manners?

The Brain System Children do not have a fully developed brain like that of adults. This child-like brain doesn’t follow the logic that adults’ brain does.  So, argument-based approach doesn’t work. You cannot convince children by explaining alone. They understand impulse. They don’t quite know how to channelize their anger.  Since you can’t do much […]

How to motivate your kids for school (8 ways)

Is it a tough task to get your child out of the bed and into the school bus? Don’t worry too much because refusing to go to school is common and has varying root causes. It is a temporary phenomenon which you should calmly tackle as a parent. Here are 8 tips to motivate your […]

How to cure child obesity (6 steps)

Obesity restricts movement and impacts one’s mind, besides having severe health implications. Unfortunately, children are inclined towards indoor gaming (read video games). They thus miss out on physical exertion and become lethargic.  6 simple steps to minimize the chances of obesity in childhood itself: Diagnose obesity early Uncontrolled hunger and low metabolism rate lead directly […]

51 inspiring Life Lessons that make Children Confident

The world is a mad place – as parents see it. They like to raise confident children who can battle it all.  These are 51 life lessons that can help. Life doesn’t begin and end with textbooks. Life doesn’t begin and end with notebooks either. But it’s a good idea to keep notes. Because the […]