What Makes Children Forget Their Manners?

The Brain System Children do not have a fully developed brain like that of adults. This child-like brain doesn’t follow the logic that adults’ brain does.  So, argument-based approach doesn’t work. You cannot convince children by explaining alone. They understand impulse. They don’t quite know how to channelize their anger.  Since you can’t do much […]

How to motivate your kids for school (8 ways)

Is it a tough task to get your child out of the bed and into the school bus? Don’t worry too much because refusing to go to school is common and has varying root causes. It is a temporary phenomenon which you should calmly tackle as a parent. Here are 8 tips to motivate your […]

How to cure child obesity (6 steps)

Obesity restricts movement and impacts one’s mind, besides having severe health implications. Unfortunately, children are inclined towards indoor gaming (read video games). They thus miss out on physical exertion and become lethargic.  6 simple steps to minimize the chances of obesity in childhood itself: Diagnose obesity early Uncontrolled hunger and low metabolism rate lead directly […]

51 inspiring Life Lessons that make Children Confident

The world is a mad place – as parents see it. They like to raise confident children who can battle it all.  These are 51 life lessons that can help. Life doesn’t begin and end with textbooks. Life doesn’t begin and end with notebooks either. But it’s a good idea to keep notes. Because the […]

8 Ways To Prevent Smartphone Addiction In Kids

You like seeing baby selfies on smartphones but don’t quite like 3-year-olds chasing monsters in gadgets at a time when they should be having  fun with bats and balls. Since gadgetry will only spread further into our lives gradually, keeping smartphone addiction unchecked will result in an irritable, lazy and perhaps, depressed child. 8 tested […]

How to make general knowledge exciting in preschool

General knowledge is not a tough subject and can be started early. Pre-school is where children learn about themselves and the environment.  As brain development happens at a fast rate, teachers should introduce the concept by referring to various subjects to pique the children’s interest. Here are some guidelines to help teachers simplify the subject […]

Play these 9 games to make kids smarter

Playing with children helps strengthen the bonding among family members. Often, the parents are at a loss when it comes to figuring out what to do when they’re in their children’s company. Parents want to spend quality time with their children. But due to busy schedules, most parents find it tough to do anything much. […]

8 security facilities that make preschools safe

So, your child’s preschool promises good care and optimum attention, which are pretty much all you wanted. But children are gullible and need a totally safe environment outside home to be comfortable with new people and have fun.  It’s your duty to ensure that your child’s preschool has proper safety and security measures. Go through […]

7 Things You Can Do To Help Children Overcome Fear

Right from strangers to bad dreams, children can be scared of anything and everything. Most parents feel helpless when they see their children being afraid of something. They fail to understand why it is such a big deal for the children.  Some of the things that children can get scared of are: darkness being alone […]

How to Handle Fussy Eating Habits in Small Children

Food is what nourishes us. And eating together nourishes relationships. Yet, eating time can become extremely stressful for parents and children. Because parents have certain notions about healthy food. And children don’t want healthy food, they want food that’s fun. Children also want food that’s fun to play with. And parents find it revolting when […]